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RBE Element Sdn Bhd (Company no. 509298-w) was established in 2000 in Malaysia with interests in Power , Energy Industry and construction, as a Project Management, and Consulting firm, however due to the changing built environment and the growing needs of our Clients; it became necessary to broaden the services that could be provided by RBE, so as to offer multi-disciplinary management consulting services, information technology and civil engineering under one banner.

RBE has continued to strive towards becoming a complete multi-disciplinary practise offering our Clients the specialist individual attention and solutions required by an ever-changing project environment. RBE sees teamwork on every project as the key success element and is responsible for creating this environment. The over-all project manager is duty-bound in ensuring efficient and regular communication to all stakeholders and at all levels.

RBE believes in a hands-on approach on all projects. That is why a Director of the firm will always be in control of the key functions on our projects. RBE is equipped with the latest technology and has the necessary staff and resources to ensure the best professional service is provided at all times.

Having our subsidiary branches out of Malaysia, we work with many different clients in Energy Industry in Malaysia, Middle East and South East Asia.

Our construction company under the supervisory of the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB) has enough capacity to implement various types of construction projects.

With extensive experience, our company is able to implement most of the construction projects in different criteria such as Structure, Highway/Road, Power Plants, and project management. Our clients are offered a wide range of services and consultancies in the field of construction.

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